Business performance in Europe

Reesk Group was born from the initial desire of our founder and CEO, Stéphane Gornès. Reesk is and believes above all a history of meetings and common ambitions, built on our past relationships and which have given birth or strengthened our various activities.


Created in 2015, as we strengthened our teams around our acquired skills and expertise, Reesk Group now has several entities of excellence working closely together with a single value: developing individual and collective business performance in Europe.

150 people

15 M€

5 offices in Europe


Reesk Consulting is the consulting and services entity, dedicated to project management, business analysts and business solution implementation

IT Industrialization

Enabling Services is the consulting entity specialising in IT industrialization (Performance, RPA, etc.)

Umbrella and Payroll Solution

Skalis is the  Human Resources outsourcing service, providing independent consultants with all the tools they need to focus on their mission and companies with the ability to outsource the management of external resources.

Our Own Plateform

An internal framework made available to our clients allows supply and demand to meet, between the provision of consultancy assignments by clients and the “IT, project or business” skills of consultants or companies.